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Music Compositions by Tim Digulla and David J. Gardner
Formed in 1995, Tipsy was a San Francisco-based lounge-collage duo that was brought together by a shared fascination for experimental music and noise. Consisting of myself and David Gardner, we embarked on a musical journey exploring the possibilities of exotica and lounge music. Our music blended modern production techniques with retro sensibilities, combining cut-up thriftstore vinylscapes, space-age instrumental pop, dance music, and a healthy slab of goofiness to create surreal musical confections.

Throughout our career, Tipsy had the privilege of collaborating with a talented array of guest musicians, including avant/classical percussionist William Winant, Joe Gore, Ralph Carney, and the late Vince Welnick (The Tubes, Grateful Dead), among others. Our remixes for notable artists such as Pulp, Lords of Acid, and Towa Tei showcased our unique approach to sound manipulation.

The music of Tipsy found its way into various media platforms, including international soda and beer commercials, popular television shows like The Sopranos, Sex and the City, MTV's Real World, and even Tokyo Disneyland. With three studio albums, one remix album, and a number of singles released, Tipsy's music continues to find new listeners, captivating audiences with its genre-defying and innovative soundscapes.
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