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Projection Mapping by Obscura
Role: Creative Direction / Art Direction / Animation / Sound Design
The City of San Francisco commemorated the Centennial of its iconic City Hall building with a remarkable festival, culminating in an awe-inspiring projection mapping experience created by Obscura. San Francisco City Hall's façade underwent a transformative journey, taking spectators on a captivating voyage through 100 years of history, culminating in a breathtaking visual finale.

Following our time machine theme, our team conceived a dynamic show where music from each era served as stopping points to explore the rich history of San Francisco. The production incorporated design elements representative of each time period, along with clever visual gags, including simulating the building's disintegration during an earthquake and showcasing a mesmerizing 3D printing transformation. As part of the project, I contributed by designing scenes, animating visuals, and crafting sound design to enhance the immersive experience and bring the concept to life.
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