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Interactive Projection by Obscura
Role: Animation / Music
Obscura collaborated with Nike to create a groundbreaking live show for the launch of the NIKE Hyper Elite Platinum series. In an era predating XR stages, we pioneered an immersive experience by combining live 3D projection mapping on a real basketball court. This innovative approach transported the audience into 8 mesmerizing story-worlds inspired by iconic NCAA basketball teams. The presence of 8 New York City street dunk champions further intensified the excitement of the performance.

What made this show truly exceptional was the seamless integration of live projection mapping, 3D animation, and live basketball, all experienced in real time by a captivated audience. With no retakes or post-production enhancements, the raw and unfiltered nature of the performance took center stage. A writer from Syracuse fittingly described it as "Basketball Performance Art." The accompanying video documentary provides a comprehensive view of the live show, capturing its unique essence from 6 different camera angles. It showcases the extraordinary fusion of technology, athleticism, and creativity that defined this memorable event.
Executive Creative Director: Travis Threlkel
Creative Director: Aramique Krauthamer
Art Director: Thiago Zanato
Technical Director: Andrew Plourde
Interactive Director: Grady Sain
Head of Software: Barry Threw
Media Director: Marc Melzer
Producer: Bill Galusha
Executive Producer: Mia Choi
Head of Production: Matty Dowlen
Technical Director 3D: James F. Ellis
Animators: Tony Grisey, Ron Robinson, Tim Digulla, James F. Ellis
Original Music and Sound Design: Tim Digulla
Additional Animation: Dorian Orange and Polynoid
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