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Immersive LED Screen Array
Role: Art Direction / Design / Cinematography / Animation
MGM enlisted Obscura to create content for their innovative casino LED walls, featuring unique and unconventional arrays. We delivered a combination of pre-rendered and generative/interactive media content, designed to be continuously displayed on the world's largest permanent array of LED screens in the Spectacle at MGM Cotai. With the theme "Windows of the World," Obscura transformed these 25 expansive screens into mesmerizing portals, providing a kaleidoscopic view of the beauty of nature, culture, and language. The objective was to encourage human connection, foster cross-cultural understanding, and inspire environmental stewardship.

In addition to designing scenes for the "Windows of the World," I captured mesmerizing super slow-motion footage using the Phantom camera, showcasing intricate water dynamics in exquisite detail. We also created visually stunning scenes of colored fluids flowing like clouds and paint by constructing a customized tank that mimicked the dimensions of the MGM LEDs. This allowed the fluid effects to elegantly cascade through the screen shapes, resulting in a captivating display of fluid motion and vibrant colors, akin to a living canvas. Additionally, I contributed to the design of live video effects applied to camera feeds capturing people in the casino space, aiming to transform raw footage into artistic visuals and enhance the overall ambiance of the casino with dynamic compositions.
Designing Content for Large Screen Displays
By Debra Kaufman
4 minute read

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