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Projection Mapping by Obscura - Marciano Art Foundation, Los Angeles
Role: Assemblage / Dev / Animation
During a four-day event, over 3,500 visitors were immersed in a captivating multisensory art installation titled "An Encounter with Lux Prima." Conceived by Karen O and Danger Mouse as an introduction to their collaborative album, the installation aimed to engage the audience with the sensory and emotional essence of the music in a space beyond traditional stage performances.

The visual arts team designed a monumental irregular stone monolith positioned on a triangular base. Surrounding the monolith, the audience sat on sections of real grass, while dynamic lighting and meticulously mapped projections brought the structure to life. To enhance the overall experience, practical effects elements were created and filmed by Davy Evans, and I contributed by mapping, collaging the practical effects, and creating and integrating additional 3D elements.

The result was a transformative journey that transported the audience into an otherworldly realm, where music, visual art, and immersive technology converged to create an unforgettable encounter.
Music: Karen O & Danger Mouse
Creative Direction: Barnaby Clay
Sound Designer: Ren Klyce
Lighting Design: Tobias Rylander
Projection Video Content: Davy Evans
Producer: Mungo Maclagan
Audio Mix: Skywalker Sound
Sound Engineer: Brian Long
Show Control & Audio Hardware: Meyer Sound
Projection & 3D content: Obscura Digital
Stone Sculptor: Roger Hopkins
Executive Producer: Like Mgmt
Executive Producer: MSG
Associate Executive Producer: Yael Greenberg
Scenic & Special Effects, Built Visuals and Show Fabrication: Knotty Pine
Installation scent: Persephenie Studio
Poster Art: Warren Fu
Poster design: Julian Gross
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