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Immersive Dome Theater by Obscura - Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival
Role: Design / Animation / Music and Sound Design / Practical FX
Obscura and HP joined forces to create the captivating audio-visual experience known as Chrysalis, which was showcased at the renowned Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. This unique project took audiences on a mesmerizing journey through time, space, and consciousness within The Antarctic, an impressive geodesic projection dome.

As an integral part of the creative team, my contributions to Chrysalis encompassed various roles, including working on 3D animation and implementing practical effects. Additionally, I had the opportunity to compose evocative music and carefully craft the accompanying sound effects, further enriching the visual narrative.

The collaborative efforts resulted in a seamless fusion of immersive 3D animations, practical effects, and meticulously designed audio elements, creating an experience that transported and transformed audiences. Chrysalis aimed to push the boundaries of creative expression and leave a lasting impression on all who experienced it.
Behind the Scenes
Executive Creative Director: Travis Threlkel, Chris Lejeune
Executive Producer: Christopher Houchin
Director of Media Arts: Marc Melzer
Creative Director: Joshua Pipic
Art Director: Emmett Feldman
Producer: Krista Adkins, Ari Ali

Design and Animation:

Alexi Alexaieff
Peter Clark
Chia Chiliu
Tim Digulla
Brittnie Diamant
James F Ellis
Emmett Feldman
Chase Hochstatter
Seoryung Kim
Mayumi Ota
Joshua Pipic
Ben Stokes
Hung Wei

Joshua Tree Shoot:

Joshua Brott
Jerry Deal
Chris O’ Dowd
Joshua Pipic
Ben Stokes
Nikki Thompson

Sound Design:

Tim Digulla
Alex Oropeza
Lucy Sheils

Additional Music:

Peder Mannerfelt courtesy of Archives Intérieures

Software: Julie T. Do, Bryant Place


Gaston Albanell
Chris Dadzitis
Jerry Deal
Ryan McDonnell
Joe Vigorito

Purchasing: Eric Schneider


Ari Ali
Joshua Brott
Will Chase
Ethan Indorf
Kean Levreault

Special thanks to: Goldenvoice, HP, Pacific Domes, Christie Digital, L'Acoustics, and Android Jones
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