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Projection Mapping by Obscura - Obscura Headquarters, San Francisco
Role: Creative Direction / Art Direction / Animation
In 2018, Obscura hosted an unforgettable Blade Runner-inspired Winter Party. Leading a team of designers and animators, I transformed our waterfront warehouse into a mesmerizing dystopian retro-future setting using precise projection mapping achieved through laser scanning. The event showcased Obscura seamless integration of technology and creativity, leaving attendees with an unforgettable and immersive experience.
Creative Direction: Tim Digulla

Design & Animation:

Brittnie Diamant
Alexi ALexaieff
Ben Stokes
Chase Hochstatter
Eddy Katt
Emmett Feldman
Tim Digulla
Ron Robinson 


Brittnie Diamant
Eddy Katt
Jessica Brugnon
Tavia Morra
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