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Projection Mapping / Set Design
Role: Art Direction / Animation / Cinematography
Obscura played a pivotal role in bringing Beats Antique's Thousand Faces Tour to life through our meticulous stage production design. The stage set we created featured specialized projection map surfaces, transporting audiences into a captivating "mythological village from a storybook" setting.

A diverse team of talented individuals, including 3D animators, fan artists, a claymation artist, miniature set designers, and practical effects specialists, came together to produce the content for the tour. We crafted eight unique miniature sets and landscapes, incorporating projection mapping, mist/fog projection effects, and even underwater puppetry. As a special touch, the production seamlessly integrated a fan-based art collection with hundreds of faces into the 3D animation.

The result was an extraordinary production that brought Beats Antique's Thousand Faces Tour to life with mesmerizing visuals and imaginative storytelling. Obscura's meticulous attention to detail and collaboration with a team of skilled artists and technicians created an immersive experience that captivated audiences throughout the tour.
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