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Architectural Mapping by Obscura - Chicago
Role: Creative Direction / Art Direction / Animation / Sound Design
Obscura, a renowned leader in large-scale projection mapping, collaborated with property management company Vornado Realty Trust, architecture firm Valerio Dewalt Train Associates, and the City of Chicago to execute a groundbreaking permanent projection system for illuminating theMART building with captivating visual artistry on a nightly basis. This ambitious project utilized 34 4k30 Boxer projectors, collectively casting over 1 million lumens of light onto the building's expansive 2.5 acre façade, establishing it as the world's largest permanent projection system.

Under the banner of "Art on theMART," we developed a cutting-edge software-driven platform that empowers theMART to curate a dynamic exhibition of imagery from celebrated artists, ensuring a continuous rotation of fresh, timely, and engaging illuminations. 

The grand opening ceremony showcased original content meticulously crafted by our award-winning media team, incorporating 3D animation and practical effects achieved through the ingenious use of a miniature model of the building. This innovative approach allowed paints and other objects to flow through and conform to the building's windows and architectural elements, further enhancing the visual spectacle.

This unparalleled project sets a new standard for public art installations, as Art on theMART promises to deliver two-hour projection shows five nights a week, for 10 months each year, over a span of 30 years. By seamlessly blending technology, artistry, and architectural grandeur, Obscura has created an enduring cultural landmark that will captivate audiences and shape the city's visual landscape for decades to come.
Production: Obscura

Creative Direction: Tim Digulla

Design & Animation: 

Brittnie Diamant
Chase Hochstatter
James F. Ellis
Tim Digulla
Seoryung Kim

Director of Photography: Colin Delehanty
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