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LED Interactive Cube Sculpture
Role: Design/Animation
At the 2022 Adobe MAX conference, VTPro presented a mesmerizing LED cube sculpture that provided the ideal platform to realize Adobe's vision. Through close collaboration with Adobe, we meticulously designed captivating worlds that prominently featured the Adobe logo as the central element in each scene. Attendees were actively engaged in the experience, utilizing a trackball and buttons to interact with the dynamic Adobe logo As part of the team, I contributed by designing interactive animations that brought the cube to life. This included a mesmerizing cubic tunnel flythrough, a miniature future city with switchable day and night modes, and an x-ray scan slicer that dynamically explored the buildings. Our collaborative efforts successfully captivated audiences, offering them an immersive and unforgettable encounter with the dynamic logo.

Anna Carolina Estarita-Guerrero
Emmet Feldman
Tim Digulla
Hailey Mendoza
Jordan Ariel
Nate Mohler
Sachiko Yamashita Grasseler


Executive Producer: Paul Elsberg
Producer: Lucas Durand
Associate Producer: Madeline Lavery
Executive Producer – Creative Technology: Zach Saale
Lead Software Engineer: Colin Honigman
Senior Programmer: Charlie Wilson
Creative Technologist: Dom Ricci
Executive Creative Producer: Mike Lee
Creative Producer: David Lin
Executive Creative Director: Alex Ilten
Creative Director: Akiko Yamashita, Annie Chen
Production Manager: Ryan Brown
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